MOUTHWASH is a creative house founded by myself along with three of my closest friends specializing in full circle art direction, content creation, and brand strategy. We allow artists to breathe by loosening the subtle grip of expectation and allowing an avenue for innovative freedom. A breath of fresh air when you need it most.

MOUTHWASH Podcast: The podcast exists as a place to tell stories from some of the industry’s best creatives. By sharing the truth behind their journey’s thus far, we hope to give artists a place to share and listeners a destination to learn and grow. Since its launch, the podcast receives nearly 1,000 weekly listens.

MOUTHWASH Magazine: The magazine exists as a physical piece of creative expression. Each issue explores a variety of topics which all surround the idea of “The motivation behind our desire to do the things that we love.” By teaming up with carefully selected photographers, writers, designers, and fine artists, our goal is to create something that is creatively refreshing, and utilitarian for our readers. The first volume of the magazine is set to release in January of 2018.

mouthwash magazine mock.jpg

MOUTHWASH Newsletter: We built an email list that serves up some of best creative inspiration, pieces of thought, and anything that we think is worth sharing.