Mission Coffee Co.

About a month ago I announced that I was searching for clients to work with in the Columbus area, specifically to produce social media content. Mission Coffee Co. has been one of my favorite coffee shops in Columbus over the past couple of years so I was excited to hear back from them. They were great to work with and I'm beyond excited with how some of the shots turned out. The photo below is one of my favorites that I was able to capture. All the images were shot with an iPhone 5s and you can find the full collection here.

 I'm looking forward to working with Mission in the future. It was a blast helping them promote products that I truly believe are made with great quality.

The future is getting exciting and I'm beyond thankful that my talents have led me into a new area that I never thought I could experience. The support from you all means the world to me and I'm looking at a hopeful future in photography. Stay tuned for more coming soon!

Remember, every moment is worth capturing.